Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Ending

My experience of having a blighted ovum has ended.  But it ended in a way I never imagined.

On Thursday I started to miscarry and all was going well.  It was normal and I felt fine.

Friday morning I woke super early to work my 7 a to 7 p shift.  When I got to work I did share that I was miscarrying and that I would take it easy, which all my coworkers and boss kindly helped me to do.  Around 3 pm I started having contractions, but I also remembered that, that was normal per some of my friends that have been through similar experiences.

The contractions were a little painful and the bleeding picked up a bit, but I still thought everything was fine.  Then around 5 p.m., I had one really strong contraction and then I felt a gush of blood.  I quickly went to the bathroom and that's when things started to go wrong.....quickly.

I filled the toilet about three times with blood and at this point I realized I needed to leave work.....and fast.  I grabbed my stuff, muttered that I had to go, and left.

Once to my car, I called Sean and told him what happened and said I was coming home.  We hung up and I started to head home.  I was a little panicky because I felt like maybe something was wrong.  I prayed to God and basically said, "If I don't gush again, I will drive home, but if I do gush again I will drive to the hospital".  UT Medical Center is on my way home.  Well, no sooner did I say that, I felt three huge gushes right in a row.  It was so scary.  There was so much blood that it was coming through my skirt and pooling on my lap.  And it didn't stop.  I just kept gushing blood.

I called Sean back panicking and told him I was driving myself to the ER.  He kept me on the phone to try to keep me from passing out.  I was driving 80 in a 50.  I ran red lights.  I was so scared.

I pulled up to the ER doors and got out, leaving my car, my purse, everything.  I asked someone to help me and right away someone came over to me.  I was pouring blood everywhere.

They quickly got me to an exam room in the ER and started two IVs and took blood from me.  They asked me what was going on and so I told them I had a blighted ovum and I was about 12 weeks along and I was miscarrying.  They asked me questions to figure out who I was and my medical history because obviously I didn't do the regular check in thing.

The ER doctor came in and did a pelvic exam and packed me to see if he could get the bleeding to stop.  That didn't work.  The blood just kept coming through all the packing.  Then the OB doctor came in, removed all that packing, did another pelvic exam, and tried to get the remainder of the contents out in hopes that the bleeding would stop.  It didn't.  So he packed me again, but it just kept seeping through.

Then they started a blood transfusion and I received 3 pints of blood.  I was so scared and kept telling them they had to get all this bleeding to stop.  My vital signs were going down hill and my color didn't look good.  I kept feeling like I was going to pass out.

Then they rushed me to the OR.  I could feel rivers of blood coming through all the packing and it was pooling in between my legs.

Once in the OR, they put me to sleep, intubated me, and performed a D&C.  I had asked the OB beforehand to protect my "lady parts" because we wanted to have more kids and he promised he would, unless he couldn't get the bleeding to stop, in which case, they would have to do a hysterectomy.  They did not end up having to do that.  I received another pint of blood in the OR, which made a total of 4 pints.

Once in recovery, Sean was able to come in and visit after I woke up.  I was so happy to see him since up until this point I had to go all of it alone.  The surgery went well and I was stable.  I stayed in recovery until about 1130 pm and then they moved us to a room.

We were discharged around 11 am Saturday morning with instructions to basically take it easy.  The OB commented that with the amount of blood I lost, if I hadn't been healthy to begin with, things could've turned out differently.  The final diagnosis was incomplete miscarriage with a vaginal hemorrhage.  My body was unable to expel all of the contents of the uterus so the uterus couldn't clamp down, which caused me to start hemorrhaging.

I have been doing pretty well, all things considered.  I am definitely doing better than Friday and I am very grateful for that. I am sore from head to toe, basically camped out on the couch or in my bed, and have been taking some hydrocodone.

I don't know why this all happened, but I do know that God took care of me.  He got me to the hospital safely, took me to one of the best hospitals in our area, and gave me amazing doctors and nurses who remained calm and steady while I panicked.

I am cherishing life a little more.  I am also scared.  It was traumatic and I am still trying to grasp what happened.  It seems a little surreal.  I am just grateful to be at home with my family.  My dad also came in yesterday to stay with us for a week.

We are praying for a good recovery and we are praising God for taking care of me.


Christine said...

What a terrifying experience! I am so glad that you are on the mend from this. I will continue to pray for recovery and peace in this process. Let your family take care of you!

Hettie Brewner said...

Thank you, Christine! it was scary for sure and I am so grateful that I have been healing and I am feeling much better. Although the hubby has been a little stressed with trying to manage the kids and household without me, they are all doing a great job taking care of me. :) God bless you.

godly-young-widow said...

Oh wow; shivers and shakes just thinking of all that bleeding! Praise God you ARE safe now and that you didn't need a hysterectomy! Merry Christmas, and looking forward to more posts in the new year.

Hettie Brewner said...

Yes, it was very scary. We are thanking God today and celebrating the birth of Christ. Merry Christmas to you and thank you for reading my blog. May God bless you in 2015. xoxo