Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Andrew's 2nd Surgery

Andrew had a successful surgery getting tubes in his ears on Monday and we are so very thankful to the Lord.  He threw up a few times after surgery because of the anesthesia, but after he got that out of his system he was back to normal.  Well, a new normal for him.  It's amazing to see the things that he hears now and comments on that he didn't before.  Things you and I would normally take for granted.  He can hear a cow mooing from afar, our cats meowing in the yard, Daddy whistling two rooms away, a car going down the street.  What a blessing!  He also has been a little fussy because I think he is a little overwhelmed with the volume of noises (especially his siblings lol)!!!!!  And the cutest thing, we overheard him telling Hunter that he "got his new ears today." :)

Ice cream postop at Chunky Monkey

Going for a little ride at Wal-Mart

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