Friday, March 18, 2016

Home Sweet Sweet Home

This is my office in the basement.  It's awesome because now that I'm working from home, it has to be quiet.  Patients can't hear my associates (my kids) and this is a perfect place.  We call it my dungeon.  It's also right next to a bathroom, which is also nice!  It is also our guest bedroom because our couch pulls out.  :)

Sean's man land which is next to my office in the basement.  This is the only room that we haven't organized yet.

This is the bathroom in the basement next to my office/guest bedroom.  it has a shower, too.

Basement.  The owners gave us their leather couches.  :)

Kitchen in the basement.  The owners gave us this extra fridge, too.  It's really nice to have this extra kitchen for storage!

Home school area in the basement

The laundry room is in the basement

Ok, I'm skipping from the basement to the 3rd floor.  This is the boys room.  There is also access to the attic from here, which is another great storage space for us.

Kids bathroom.

Bug's room

The owners also left their play set.

Back porch and yes the owners left their patio furniture.  Did I mention how much they blessed us?

Living room.  This is the main level.  And the rest of the pictures will be main level.  And it's open concept.  I've desired that!

Dining area



Master bath.  I wasn't sure I was gonna like being on the first floor with the kids bedrooms upstairs, but so far it's been fine. 

Half bath on main level

Sleepy baby

Definitely not a sleepy baby

Our bedroom.  And no I haven't used my exercise machine yet.  But it's out of the box.  And it's built.  It's a start.

That's it!  Thank you for taking the tour of our casa.  :) 


~ Noelle said...

Looks awesome.

Christine said... the paint colors!

HB said...

Thank you!