Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter and Dollywood!

Me + Peanut at Dollywood

Beautiful day at Dollywood.  We went on Good Friday.  We got season passes.  :)

Me and Andrew's favorite ride at Dollywood.....the choo choo train!

Hunter doesn't like the train whistle so he wore his zebra noise cancelling headphones.  :)

Me and Hunter on this ride.  We had to manually pull ourselves up using arm muscle power.  He was unsure about it at first and was a little scared, but then he had fun!

Easter Best on Easter Sunday.  The boys did not like getting hair gel!! But they did like wearing bow ties!  :)

In the church nursery, getting ready to have lunch. :)

This is from a few days ago

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!  Praise the Lord He sent his son to die for our sins and that we are free from them and that Jesus cannot be held back by death.  He has risen! 

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