Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Happy Belated 4th!!!!!

Went down to Norris Day for the 4th for bike races, bike parade, watermelon, duck races, and a book sale.  I accidently stole a bag of books and was back for round 2, but was informed that they cost money so quickly ran back to get the stolen bag so I could pay for it! I don't know why I thought they were free!!! lol  This is Ryan's race.  hH's up front in the Waldo stripes. 

Hunter's race.  For 4 yr olds.  but he's 5.  My mistake!!!  He ended up winning 1st place too. Oops!!

Ryan's swim class on the last day!  Blue shirt far right.

Hunter's 1st place win

Pop Tart eating

The Bug a Loo Snooze a Rooing

We enjoyed BBQ with friends and fireworks!  Hope you're 4th was great!!! 

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