Monday, July 25, 2016

Whooping Cough

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Just a cowboy eating noodles with his cowgirl.

Last week started off interesting and pretty much remained steadily interesting.  On Monday, we unfortunately heard that Baby Wyatt, who was born the same day as Addison, has pertussis or whooping cough.  We go to church with them.  We researched and informed ourselves, more than I would like, on the nasty disease.  By Wednesday, Hailey had a runny nose, so we packed up the children and brought them all into the pediatrician's office.  Our first 4 had all required rounds of DtaP, but Addison hasn't had any.  We have been praying about vaccines.  Any way, the DR decided to put them all on prophylactic antibiotics.  They finished their last day yesterday.  We've been giving them vitamin C, as well, and Hailey some colloidal silver, too.  Today, Hunter seems to have a little bit of a runny nose, too, and Hailey still has a little bit of one, but all else is good.  We are just praying for Wyatt and his family and all the other families at church, as well as ours.  Not sure when we will return to church.  We also gave Addie her first round of DtaP.

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