Sunday, October 30, 2016

Andrew and etc

Here's Mr Andrew at the children's hospital on Friday afternoon.  He had been outside playing and was stung by a yellow jacket (probably) a couple of times - one on the foot and maybe one on the head.  He was REALLY upset and said he couldn't breathe.  I called Sean immediately and he came home from work (a 3 min drive to our house).  We ended up calling 911.  They assessed him and we declined on a ride to the ER.  Sean went back to work, we gave Benadryl and Advil, and thought all was probably fine.  And then his neck started swelling (hit foot was already super swollen) and he started breaking out in a rash/redness on his face.  I called Sean again and he took him to children where they gave him Decadron (a steroid for inflammation).  He is doing fine.  His neck and head aren't swollen anymore, but his foot still is.  

Sean and the kids made Halloween Bark yesterday while I was working (on my new schedule and so is Sean - we LOVE it!).  If you're interested in the yummy deliciousness, search for Halloween Bark on Pioneer Woman.

We went to the Andersonville Volunteer Fire Dept last night for trunk or treat.  We had found out about it when the paramedics were over on Friday lol.  

Just a little fall

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