Saturday, October 22, 2016

Westgate Town Center

The first week of October we packed up and headed to FL - Kissimmee to have a week at our time share.  And that is a different story for another time, but yes we have a Westgate time share.  Any way, we had such a blessed time and made many memories!
breakfast by the pool for owners

a little humid

swan boats

real swans!

the church we attended on Sunday in Kissimmee.  It was like being at our church - it was held in a conference room at a hotel just like ours.  And the pastor went to Crown College right up the road from us here in TN and used their music on video for singing and we saw people we knew - too funny!

the Westgate property where we stayed.  And all the pictures except for the church are on the property and free for owners to use. 

Columbia restaurant - one of my favorites in Fl.  The 1905 salad is the best!

And we also experienced Hurricane Matthew.  Kept us indoors for one day.  Had up to 60 mph rains and 8 in of rain, but never lost power or anything so praise the Lord for that!

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