Thursday, December 1, 2016

20 Week Anatomy U/S, etc

Here's baby!  Facial features look like Andrew!!  Baby looks good, praising God!

Kiddos wanted me to take a picture of them at Wal-Mart while we were getting our tree and some other stuff. 

At Anderson County Park with Pappy last week
Christmas time!  Grammy - the kids are very upset that Addie doesn't have a stocking hanging lol :)
In other news, Addie has an ear infection and is on amoxicillin, but her weight is up to 16 lbs!  :)  Andrew has an EpiPen now in case he needs it if he gets stung again and he is being referred to an allergist.  And finally, please pray for Gatlinburg.  We lost our time share at Westgate, due to the fire, it burned down.  They will rebuild and it was insured.  However, we just are not concerned about that.  We are heartbroken for the town and for those who lost loved ones and/or their homes/businesses.  Gatlinburg is like our home away from home.  Just devastating. 

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