Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Day on Christmas Eve

We decided to open gifts on Christmas Eve because we have church Christmas Day and I didn't want to feel anxious and stressed and rushed trying to open presents and get us to church on time.

I noticed no pictures of me and Andrew.  Guess he was too busy with gifts and I was too busy taking pictures, managing present opening and throwing away wrapping paper. :)

After Christmas at home, the boys and Sean and Pappy went to Rogue One and me and the girls walked the mall.  :)  

Christmas Eve dinner was taco quesadillas and dessert from Earth Fare.

And a testimony.......realizing how much the Lord loves us even when we don't deserve it and how he loves to bless us even when He shouldn't and how He loves to pay attention to all the little details.  A good reminder.  I know I have a hard time showing love when people don't "deserve it".  God did some pretty amazing things for us this Christmas season and I am humbled and grateful.  

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