Saturday, October 30, 2010

Annie's surprise baby shower

One of the girls in the nursing program is due November 28th!!!!  We had a surprise shower for her yesterday!  She had no idea.  She thought she was coming over to study.  She was so surprised.  :)  We also knew the sex of the baby, but she didn't, so we all got to buy pink and then when she opened up the first gift she found out she was having a GIRL!  It was pretty emotional!  Nursing school has led me to some amazing friends!!!!  My girls!  This is just some of us because not everyone could come.  Our little nursing student family is the best!  I think last semester we were with each other more than with our own families!


Alyssa Smith said...

I wouldn't enjoy this program half as much if it weren't for the support of my wonderful nursing family! Annie is such a wonderful person, and she'll be a fantastic mother ~ I'm so glad we could all help get her started. :o)

Hettie Brewner said...

I agree!!!!!!! Annie is going to be a great mommy! And yes, this program can wear one down emotionally, mentally and physically. Thank goodness we have God and each other to get us through! xo