Monday, October 11, 2010

Bradley Classes

Sean and I started our first of 12 Bradley classes last night.  I LOVE our teacher and the class.  It is held in her home every Sunday night for a couple of hours.  If you don't know, the Bradley Metod is natural childbirth.  We learned a lot already in one class.  I have to start Kegels, walking 30 minutes a day to build endurance, Tailor sitting, back stretching and practice my breathing techniques.  We also learned about nutrition.  I have to keep track of everything I eat for the next 2 weeks to count my protein, which is very important during pregnancy.  I also learned that drinking OJ everyday (the vit C, of course) can help prevent premature ruputure of membranes.  Never knew that!  We also went over stuff I already knew like dehydration can lead to preterm birth and things like that. 

With Ryan, we certainly did not plan to have an emergency C section.  That was a loss for me that I had to grieve over for a long time.  I am very thankful that C sections are in place because in my case it was absolutely necessary and all that mattered in the end is healthy baby and healthy mama.  I don't know what God has in store for us with this one, but I do know we can be prepared for a hopeful natural childbirth. I have always wanted to experience it without any drugs and this way, we are ready for it (as much as we can be), if that is what He has willed for us.  However. the ultimate goal again is a healthy baby and a healthy mommy. 

Ryan got to eat at the great gram's house with grandpa and then came home.  Adrienne took over from there and got to play with him and give him his bath and bedtime routine.  We hear he had a great time!  :)


~ Noelle said...

better you than me...
lol, sorry... but i wanted drugs ASAP

Hettie Brewner said...

And that's what makes us all interesting and unique! :O) xoxo