Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Glazer Children's Museum

We were able to go for free last night.  For the next few months you can bring your kids from 4-8 on the first Tuesday of every month for free, which is nice, and saved us about $40.00!  It's in downtown Tampa.

Here's the line because of course when it's free, they will come!!!!!!

Planting a garden

Ok yah, spelled wrong (and we live in America!!!!!!!)

This was a play Publix; Ryan thought it would be good to climb the grocery shelves.


Play Outback Steakhouse



Hil said...

What an amazing place! Atlanta needs something like this...well, maybe they do, since I don't have the little ones I wouldn't know. I must say, Ryan looks just like you...sorry Shaun! But then again, how can you not love your son lookin like your beautiful mama!

Hettie Brewner said...

I actually heard a couple behind us in line saying that they had been to the one in Atl, but I have no idea about that one either. It was a pretty amazing place! Sensory overload for sure!!!!!! Awwww, thanks!!!!! We usually hear that he is a good combo of both of us, which is nice, because Sean is gorgeous! :)