Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Park at Long Center

I love the cheesy grins he gives now!  What a goof ball :)

Daddy got a workout following Ryan around!  This playground was HUGE!

I see something else that is HUGE, as well!!!  lol  I guess I could give an update BTW:  I went to the OB on Thursday.  Measuring at 36 weeks, which is what I am, and not dilated at all yet, which is good.  I had never had that type of check before with Ry so I was caught off guard with the way that it feels!  I have gained 32 pounds thus far.

We decided to get Ryan out for a bit to run around and blow off some steam.  Someday it will be nice to have our own backyard that is fenced in so that he can do that without having to take him someplace.  He loves being outside!  For the past few days he has been super whiny.  Every word that comes out of his mouth is whiny and he has been throwing lots of tantrums and he is very clingy.  Not sure what's up.  He isn't sick, so I guess it's just a stage.  Maybe he knows his life is about to change soon......I dunno.  I will have to say this stuff and the disciplining stuff has been the biggest challenge of being a mom.  This is where I need the how to manual.  We tried timeout for a while for his hitting, pulling hair, not listening, just misbehaving, but he loved timeout!   Go figure.  We don't spank because of my own reasons.  Sean wants to.  I don't.  I did a couple of times, but both times I spanked him in anger and I will never do that again.  So for now that's out.  We tried putting him in his crib when he was misbehaving, which did work, but I didn't want him to start thinking his crib was a bad place and then not want to sleep in there.  Sean got on the Supernanny site and she said from 1-3 you can only tell them no, try to redirect bad behavior, and try to avoid things that will cause bad behavior.  From 3-5ish they are ready for timeout.  After 5, they are ready for alone time in their room.  So we are just doing what she suggested for now.  The Bible says "Whoever spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is diligent to discipline him" (Prov 13:24), and I want to follow what God wants me to do, but I just feel at a loss.  My friend Carly came over on Friday with her 7-week-old and it was very interesting to see Ryan 'interacting' with him (i.e. throwing things at his head, trying his best to wake him up, rocking his car seat, being very interested in her breastfeeding and trying to lift her cover up, etc).  Any way, any mom or dad suggestions are welcome and appreciated.  Have a blessed Sunday!!!!!!  xo


B Photography said...

Joel and I do spank and i usually disagree with supernanny so i'm probably no help here but....with Kenzie when she does the temper tantrum thing we ignore and walk away...if she continues then i'll get into her face on her level and tell her that she needs to stop...sternly speaking to her. If that doesn't work she gets spanked. If she continues to scream she gets time out in her room. She REALLY hates that but it does calm her down after about 3 minutes and then when she comes back out we talk to her and tell her why she got spanked and that she needs to listen to mommy and daddy. Always end with 'i love you' so she knows that we still do.

Hettie Brewner said...

Hey Becca,
Thanks for your advice. I just keep praying and praying about what we should do for little man, but I don't seem to get any answers and I feel like it just can't wait because he is acting up! It's not that I think people who spank are doing the wrong thing, I just don't ever wanna spank in anger again. We will see. He is a smart little boy, just stubborn and a TODDLER! lol Thanks again. Hope you guys are doing well and that you're feeling better.

~ Noelle said...

no help here...
we have tried time out (not working, because the only way to do it is his crib... and like you, dont want that to be thought of as punishment...)
spanking doesn't really work either, but that is what we have done

Hettie Brewner said...

Thanks Noe! We will figure it out sometime!!!!!! Maybe before they become teens!!!!! lol