Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Airfest 2011

Cool dude!  It's funny, he usually won't wear the shades, but every once in a blue moon he will request them. :)

United States Coast Guard plane

USCG plane




While I was working last Friday night, my wonderful husband got us all packed and ready to go for Airfest at McDill in Tampa EARLY the next morning. Of course when I got home at 2330, Hunter woke up and stayed up until 0130 and we had to get up at 0600, which we didn't, slept in till 0700. lol Any way, we made it there, feeling pretty awake, and had a great day. The weather was gorgeous and not hot. Ryan LOVED seeing all the planes. Hunter would jump around with all the noise, but he did really well, too. We had gone 2/2010 so we knew some tricks this time around, which made things much easier! :)

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