Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Harvest Day!

First stop.....PAPPY's!!!!!!

Waiting for Pappy to fill his pumpkin with cha-chi (chocolate).

Inspecting the goods!

Pappy caught a monkey!

And Aunt Michelle caught a Tigger....a cranky one at that! 

Notice the theme of Ryan hiding behind Daddy?!

Next stop was Uncle Dave's and Aunt Michelle's.

Had to bribe Ryan with chocolate to pose for pictures.  Should have given it to hmi AFTER, not BEFORE, since he was eating DURING!

See what I mean!?

Hunter and Uncle Dave

Last stop....Naner's.  Where's Hunter?

'Bout to carve our pumpkin.

Yep!  My favorite part......getting all the gooey stuff out!

Voila!  Ryan picked the shapes and Daddy created a masterpiece. :)
We don't celebrate Halloween really.  We call it Harvest Day.  We dressed the boys up on Sunday the 30th (since I had to work Monday night) and took them to each of the family members houses. 

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