Sunday, November 10, 2013

All Business

My very talented hairdresser is also a very talented seamstress.  She makes a ton of cute clothes for babies/children and other really sweet stuff like blankets, burp cloths, paci holders, etc.  She has a little portion of her shop dedicated to these things so I always enjoy browsing while I'm waiting to get my hair done.  Well, two weekends ago I had gone in to get my hair cut and colored, but forgot to get it cut.  Don't ask!  So, I went back this past Saturday to get it cut.  The hubby and children came with and she gifted us with this super cute onesie (as long as we took pictures and sent them to her).  So I did.  And decided to share.  Also, Sean decided to share the gender of our baby with her!!!!  BECAUSE she is going to be making us a take home outfit for the little guy......or girl!!!!!!  Can you believe it????........Lord willing, only 3.5 more months before we get to meet our precious little gift!!!!!!!  Time is flying! Ex-citing!  Her biz is called Rebecca's Rarities.  Oh, and no, I still don't know what we are having :)

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