Monday, November 4, 2013

Mom's Daily Cleaning List

Monday:  Bedrooms, book nook, playroom
Tuesday:  Bathrooms
Wednesday:  Kitchen and dining room
Thursday:  Office and living room, hallways, laundry room
Friday:  Vacuum, sweep, mop


Denise said...

Just to let you know it may be easier on you if you prep dinner the night before. I know that chicken can stay in the fridge for four days without going bad, so maybe if you season it and put it in the fridge till tomorrow you'll have more time to do something else and less time worrying about cooking! :)

Hettie Brewner said...

Hi Denise,
Thank you for commenting and for visiting my blog! I appreciate your words of wisdom, as well! That is a great idea!!!! I also LOVE the Crockpot! :) Take care and God bless you!