Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Time

The Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky is somewhere we had been wanting to go for a while.  Well, one of our friends happened to mention that they have FREE admission for everyone on Christmas Eve.  We had been praying about whether we should go or not for a long time and felt God would have us to do it.  :)  So we left Monday morning and came back last night.  Here's some pictures from our trip and from Christmas morning here at the house.  :)  We hope everyone had a very blessed Christmas and we hope and pray that everyone has a very healthy and God blessed New Year! 
We spent Monday in Cincinnati.  This is Fountain Square in the downtown area.  It was COLD!  It was a pretty city, though.  :)

Still cold!

Walking in the city.

At lunch in downtown Cincinnati.  Just Crepes. 

Underneath Macys was Tiffany's!  I was too cold to cross the street and go in though. 

The fountain in the square.

They also had ice skating on the square. 

Overlooking the Ohio River (I think) and Cincinnati (I think).  :)  And maybe some Kentucky, too. 

After a brief time in the downtown area, we went to Krohn Conservatory in Cincinnati.  I like this picture.  It looks like God was shining His glory down on the building. 

They had one section dedicated to trains and all things Christmas.  It was beautiful!  And the little buildings were replicas of buildings around Cincy. 

They also had a nativity - not with live people, but with some live animals (like the donkey in the background)  :)

And of course we had to try Cincinnati Chili.  This place came recommended from Guy of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives of Food Network :)

See :)

And then God blessed us with a light dusting of snow when we woke up on Christmas Eve morning!

We have arrived at the Creation Museum!  It was an amazing place to take the family and we really enjoyed it.  Poor Ryan threw up in their museum (not anywhere near a toilet) twice.  Once in the movie theater.  Oops.  And in this main thoroughfare above.  He has been feeling much better today, Praise God!  We felt really bad for all the workers who cleaned up after him.  Twice.  Oops.  Sooooo sorry!

Reading the birth of Christ before opening some presents.  We read Luke 2:8-20. 

I don't think this is helping his obsession with all things Star Wars! 

It has been a very blessed past few days!  We really enjoyed our little trip, even with a sick child, and had a wonderful all day in pajamas time Christmas Day.  Our boys really enjoyed the time, too.  We just need to keep teaching them the true meaning of Christmas.  We asked them at dinner what the most important thing about Christmas is.  Ryan said "giving".  VERY GOOD!  And then he said presents.  And then Hunter chimed in with "PRESENTS!".  We still have some work to do!  Ryan did say that he wanted to make Jesus a Happy Birthday card.  BUT then he also said he wanted to give Jesus a chore list.  hhhhmmmmmm. 


Christi Foreshee said...

Wonderful photos! You are super mom carrying your little man on your hip while pregnant. You look adorable! Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!

Mollie Creech said...

I am so happy you went. Looks like it was a great trip. We are so blessed to have you all as friends!

Hettie Brewner said...

So good to hear from you!!!!! We have been thinking about you and talking about you! How are you and your family? Aww thank you! I can still manage Andrew for a little bit; it's when the other 2 ask to be held. I have to usually say no! Merry Christmas!!!

Hettie Brewner said...


Us too! It was such a great time! We feel so blessed to have you all in our lives. Hope you had a Merry Christmas! Also hope we can get together soon!

The Fourshee Daily said...

I am doing really well. Thank you for asking! Such blessings! I wish I could still hold my older two. Cherish these times!