Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Tree Time

We are very blessed to have our very own Christmas Tree Farm right down the road called Bluebird Christmas Tree Farm.  We also got a tree from them last year.  So, we got bundled up and went this past Saturday; even brought some hot cocoa with us.  It was fun, but cold, so the outing did not last very long.  Ryan and Hunter are getting very excited and it is fun to enter this new stage of life, where the kids understand a bit more.  I think Ryan asks about every day if it is Christmas yet!!!!  We are still trying to teach them the real meaning of Christmas, which can be a bit challenging.  Before we decorated this weekend, we were driving home one night and almost every house is decorated.  They both commented on how we needed to decorate because everyone else was doing it!  And Ryan has said a few times about how Christmas is all about presents and nothing else.  So, we just keep teaching about Christ and pray they will learn and understand as they grow.  Now, in the same breath, here's our tree adventure, which has nothing to do with Jesus and more about doing what everyone else does!!!!
The farm.  Cold and dreary day!  Seasonal nonetheless. 

Our pick

Sean's favorite animal :)

A very special ornament for me.  We got this one at Disney when we took Ry and Hunter for Christmas a few years back.  It is Donald Duck, which represents my grandfather who passed away 12/2010.

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