Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Colorado Thanksgiving

We had been praying about going out to Colorado to visit Sean's parents and siblings.  We had originally planned to go in the summertime, but it just wasn't in God's will at the time.  So, we patiently waited and were very excited that we got to go for Thanksgiving.  We left last Wednesday and got back this morning.  We actually drove 3.5 hours to Atlanta to catch a nine a.m. flight to CO, which meant leaving the house at 3 a.m. in a snow storm.  Then yesterday, we left at 7 p.m. from Denver and arrived to Atlanta around midnight.  We got back home around 5 this morning.  It all went really well though and the boys did very well with our odd traveling times.  The plane had to be de-iced in ATL on our way out to CO, which resulted in an extra 2 hours of just sitting on the plane, but most importantly we arrived safely.  We did have some Andrew fussing time on both flights, so hopefully our fellow passengers weren't too irritated by us!  The boys slept in until noon today, which was a HUGE blessing after not going to bed until 5 a.m. for me and Sean. 

We really enjoyed our visit with Mom and Dad (2) and Courtney and Kyle (Sean's siblings).  The weather was amazing too (pretty much a heat wave with temps in the 50s during the day!)

Here's some pix from our trip!
Garden of the Gods OR how we prefer....God's Garden!

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.  Such a nice zoo.  Admittedly, nicer than Knoxville's zoo.


Focus on the Family headquarters are in The Springs.  They have a fairly large kids area that is free and open to the public and a really nice bookstore that Sean and I could have spent lots of time and money in!

We took Granpop out to lunch for his belated birthday

Lil man walking to Focus on the Family

And lil man's handprint (first time experiencing snow).  It was old snow, but snow just the same.  :)

Sean and I also got a daily date day at Starbucks, which was fantastic, even if it was so he could do some homework. 

So, we are home and it feels good, but we had such a blessed trip with the family!

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