Monday, January 5, 2015

January 2015 New Start

Hope everyone is having a good start to their New Year!  We've been enjoying lots of time together at home as a family since we still have a broken Expedition.  Our other car doesn't fit everyone.  That's OK, we are having lots of fun at home!  We are also working on lots of home church, which means we are working on lots of little ones and their behaviors!

I worked New Year's Day and the next day.  Sean so diligently took care of kids and home while I was away. 

We went to Dollywood two times last week and enjoyed the Christmas decorations and lights and shows there.  The 3rd was the last day for our season passes.  We took just the boys and Hailey had good girl time with our babysitter and friend and violin teacher, Ms. Andrea. 

I went to an OB checkup postop last week and all went well some I am very grateful for that.  I am feeling pretty much back to my old self again.  Praise the Lord! 

Sean starts back to school on Wednesday, so we've got him all to ourselves for two more days!  We are working on new schedules for the family today and tomorrow and just working on what is going to work best for us. 

Other than that, we are focusing on God.  It's always nice to start a new year and have a fresh start.  We have been organizing, cleaning out junk, and packing, too.  And we got the house cleaned by professionals, which was super nice!

It's chilly today and I'm thankful to be in a warm house with lots of laughter, love, and of course little boys fighting and arguing!  lol

Oh and I am having fun on my new Samsung Galaxy S4! 

Please pray for Sean's grandma, who is ill and in the hospital. 

Stay warm.  Stay together.  Stay in Christ! 


~ Noelle said...

I know what you mean about cars not fitting the family. We used to have to borrow my dads car when we had the boys... crazy!

Hettie Brewner said...

It's a nice problem to have :)