Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hunter's 4th Birthday!

Hunter turned 4 on Saturday, March 7th!  At 10:33 pm.  After Pitocin and a long labor, but a successful VBAC and natural delivery.  Weighing 9 lbs 5 oz!!  OK, OK off track!!!  lol Dad (Pappy) was able to come for his zoo party and we got to take him to Sweet P's (the most delicious BBQ we've ever eaten!!), the mall, and church before flying out today (Sunday).
Pappy and Andrew

The birthday boy after a long birthday day!

hotdog and corn dinner and present opening

The Carrasco boys and our boys caged at the zoo!

Our monkey AKA dacken (Andrew calls monkeys dackens)

And another monkey

Hunter's zebra cake

Thank you Bolingers, Creechs, Nafzigers, and Carrascos for making Hunter and Hailey's birthday extra special!  And we were really pleased with the zoo party.  Knoxville Zoo did a fabulous job!  They did all the decorating and helped facilitate and run the party.  They had tons of toys and games for the kids.  We had party decorations, which we got to keep, juice boxes, paper products, keepsakes, etc. We had a lot of fun! But our friends made it perfect by being there.  :)

Hailey's cupcakes

Hunter got to pick off a list of zoo animals to come and visit his party and he picked a chicken!!!!!

The party room

First time at the zoo!

After the party, we ate lunch and walked around the zoo with Devon and her boys and enjoyed our time! 


~ Noelle said...

Out of all the ZOO animals, he picks a chicken?

Hettie Brewner said...

It was so cute!

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