Friday, March 6, 2015

God's Perfect Timing

We had another winter storm coming yesterday and we had been praying and praying that my Dad would get here safely and on time and that him and Sean would be back to the house safely because we were expecting snow, sleet, and freezing rain (AKA ice).  Well, it all worked just like so.  His plane was on time, they got here safely, and then it started snowing, etc.  We had also prayed that Dad would get to see some snow falling because he hadn't in forever (Floridian!) and he did. 

Then, last night, I had to go in to work for a little bit and when I was coming home, I got stuck on our first hill to our neighborhood because the road was covered in ice.  I was a little scared sitting on the side of the hill, praying that I didn't start sliding down it because I would have no clue what to do.  Sean had to walk down to help me because he had already experienced barely getting the truck up the neighborhood a couple of hours earlier.  I was praying that he wouldn't hurt himself walking down, which he did fall a few times and hurt his elbow, but no serious injury.  And the funny thing was, as I was sitting there waiting for him, a neighbor drove by in his big 4 x 4 F350 Ford pickup and didn't even stop.  I was trying not to judge, but was kinda wondering why he didn't stop to help.  As Sean was walking down, however, he saw that neighbor over at another neighbor's house preparing to come down and get me.  He didn't stop originally because he felt he would probably slide down the hill if he stopped right in the middle of it.  Sooooo, I had Sean and two of the neighbors down there to rescue me at close to 10 o'clock at night.  The two neighbors were able to help push and guide the car as Sean gunned it up the hill and got it back to our house and then the neighbors drove me back up.  A little embarrassing, but so thankful that it all happened as it did.  All 3 of the guys said they had no idea how my car stayed in park on the side of the hill in the ice without sliding down.  God's protection!  God's timing!  Amazing!

Now, we are waiting for the ice to melt off our street so we can go out this afternoon!  :)


~ Noelle said...

Glad everything worked out for you... You are right..
GOD's perfect timing

Hettie Brewner said...