Friday, May 29, 2015

Andrew's Ears

Andrew had an ENT appointment yesterday.  The doctor was unable to see how his ears were doing because his tubes were rolled up in balls in earwax so he had to get them out.  Andrew laid so still and let him do it.  I was so very proud of the brave little man.  After they were out, Dr. Graves was able to visualize fluid behind his eardrums, which was confirmed with a tympanogram.  So, we were given 2 options.......start him on antibiotics and Zyrtec to see if we can get the fluid out or just go straight to surgery to get a new set of tubes put in.  Right now, we have the prescriptions for the meds with a follow-up appointment July 9th.  If the fluid is gone, great, we just have to have him followed closely.  If the fluid is not gone, tubes again.  Dr. Graves said trying the conservative route and waiting 4-6 weeks is not going to harm Andrew, but he doesn't want to wait much longer than that.  He has temporary hearing loss and will start to get behind in his speech again.  He does not have an infection.  So, we are praying and trying to figure out what to do. 

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