Saturday, May 23, 2015

Sweetwater Valley Farm

We drove about an hour from our house to go to Sweetwater Valley farm, which is a farm that makes cheese, as a homeschool day for Ryan and for us all to have fun and learn a little.  Our good friends, The Carrascos, joined us.  :) We did the how to make cheese tour, ate lunch, and played!  It was a gorgeous day!
food for the cows

Baby cow! (The nursery!)

Milking the cows area

It was a little chilly at first!

Carrasco Boys

And as a bonus the farm was next to a railroad track!  We got to see 3 trains go by!


gina said...

Awesome trip!! Love seeing the kids grow. I have great news, at the end of July ill be back in TN. After my brother died I had been trying to finish up some classes at UoG an working on his murder case now, finally im coming back to UT. I have declared another major so im dual majoring. I cant wait to see you guys. Whats your email Hettie?

Hettie Brewner said...

Oh wow! That's awesome. My email is ttys xoxo