Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Cabin Weekend

Well, this is a picture of Andrew's crib, now a toddler bed.  Gagu requested a picture of it.  :)

Ryan picked to go to a cabin for the weekend for his birthday so that's what we did!  We picked a cabin in Townsend, TN, about an hour from us, in the Smoky Mountains, about 20 miles from Gatlinburg.  Dad (Pappy) got to come, too!  We had such a blessed weekend! 

View from our porch

Our cabin (The Robin).  The drive up the gravel road was a bit treacherous and I could've have done without the 2 dead scorpions in our bathroom!  Who knew we had those out here!? 

They loved having their bikes!

Inside the cabin

Our bedroom.  The tub was NICE!

Train museum

Laurel Valley.  We had access to the pool and clubhouse and golf course.  Dad and Sean got to play on Saturday. 

Kiddie pool!  They got soaked! 

Playground we found while Dad, Sean, and Ryan went golfing.  We also got kicked off this playground because apparently it was private!

Heritage Museum

Walking trail that was awesome!  Ryan officially can ride his bike now!

Bethel Baptist Church where we went for Mother's Day Sunday service.  I really enjoyed this church!

We had a lovely time!  Found a delicious coffee shop there, too, called the Artistic Bean.  Dad few back home on Sunday, but we were glad he got to join us.  The kiddos really enjoyed it and Andrew was asking this morning if we could go back to the "tabin". 

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