Monday, February 1, 2016

Happenings Jan 2016

Grammy has been here for almost a week, which has been so nice to enjoy time with her and we are so thankful for the help she has lent, as well!  I think we are still getting used to having 5!  We've been mostly staying home and relaxing, enjoying our time together. 

Addison is doing very well and is such an angel.  She has been a very good baby and we sure are cherishing all this newborn cuddle time.  She is quite good at cuddling!  Brothers and sister are loving having her around, too.  :)  I am feeling almost back to normal and so thankful to the Lord for giving me such a good recovery.  Sean has also been awesome with picking up more responsibility around the house and with the kiddos so I can recuperate. 

We are MOVING!  March 1st!  To a house, which is less than 10 mins from the house we currently live in.  It's about the same size as this one.  We signed a 2 year lease yesterday!  We are all excited.  And I will just keep it at that so I don't have to think of all the stuff that needs to get done in order to move.  :)  It's really neat, too, because the house is in walking distance to a playground, the post office, library, a little cafĂ©, the bank, a grocery store, and a big park.  We are going to be sad leaving here, but know it is best since the owners are trying to sell. 

Hunter got a small bead stuck in his ear on Saturday.  It almost required a trip to childrens ER, but we got safely creative and used sterilized electrical wire to fish it out!  Never a dull moment! 

OK, coffee time!  :)

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