Thursday, February 18, 2016

Job Offer(s)

So after the season of rejection, Sean was offered two jobs yesterday lol!  He was offered a job at Y12 working for the DOE in Oak Ridge, but we decided not to go with that one.  The other job, which he did accept, is in Norris.  Guess where we're moving next week?  NORRIS!  So commute is 4 mins-ish!  The company is Concrete Polishing Solutions.  We go to church with Kim and Jeremy Nafziger and are good friends with them.  Well, Kim's family owns the business.  The owners are also Christians, which is a blessing!  The other really nice thing is it is going to be part-time from 9-2 five days a week, which will allow me to keep my commitment to TeamHealth and allow Sean more time with us because our family is our number one priority :).  I am starting back to work on March 8th from home and will be working 4-11 four days a week.  I did my home training earlier this week and have my equipment and am ready to get all set up in the basement at our new house.  :)  So we are pretty excited all the way around and praising God for His will and timing!  We are so underserving of His great mercy and grace and His blessings upon our family!

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