Wednesday, February 17, 2016


The BIG M day is coming soon.  Next Friday to be exact.  We are very excited to move and I have to remember to keep reminding myself of that fact because I am battling the stress and weariness of moving.  Is there anyone who likes to move?  You would think me since this will be my 19th move!!!  Any way, I know that the Lord is good and this is how he worked it out for us.  We have been talking forever about when we wanted/needed to move.  The owners of our rental had put their house back on the market last fall and allowed us to do a month by month, but we knew this day was going to come eventually.  I searched and searched for a new rental, but never found anything that fit both our price range and size we wanted.  We kept praying and asking the Lord to reveal His timing.  Well, then I happened upon the house we are moving to on Craigslist.  But it was hundreds of dollars over our budget.  I thought on a whim I would just email and ask if they'd lower the price.  The owner did.  By like 100 dollars.  Not enough.  So we prayed and asked God to put it on their hearts if this was the right house for us.  We pretty much forgot about it until about 2 weeks later when the owner emailed again and lowered the price substantially.  Not as low as our current rent, but enough to make us go check out the place and continue praying.  So we went and looked and fell in love with it.  And the area.  So, we decided to go ahead and do it!  And whaddya know?  The day after we committed, we received an email from the agent of this house saying that there is a contract on it and it should be closed on end of March.  Isn't God's awesome timing just that!?  Amazingly awesome!

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