Monday, February 13, 2017

12th Anniversary on the 12th!

The hubby once again outdid himself....Mr Romance!  He really surprised me this time.  I got this note (below) Saturday morning while playing a game of Battleship with Ryan!  I suddenly felt all discombobulated b/c I am such a planner and ran around the house with no sense of purpose, but managed to get some things into a bag and head out the door with my love after 4 babysitters arrived!  First up, Starbucks!  And we sat inside and drank them!  That like never happens!  Next up, the mall.  I got a new Pandora bracelet with 1 charm and 2 clips.  Also, got some things from Vickie's, a quick stop for some truffles at Godiva, and a late lunch at Chik-Fil-A.  Then, we went on to our hotel in downtown Knoxville and relaxed before dinner.  

Here's us at The Front Porch.  It is an amazing place to eat, so romantic and cozy!

Special V-Day menu.  Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE having an anniversary 2 days before Valentine's?  Everything's already so love, love, love!!!!

These were on our table from Sean :)

Cheese and bacon bread appetizer.  After dinner, we went swimming at the hotel and back to the room to relax.

View from our room of Knox.

Breakfast at our hotel at Windows on the Park


Went for a walk at World's Fair Park after breakfast.  It was 70 degrees yesterday!!!!!!

We noticed the little coffee shop in our hotel had a zebra mocha, so in honor of Hunter, we had to get it.  It was good, but SUPER sweet!

And this is where we ended our excursion.  Right where it began roughly 24 hours before.  :)  We even got to sit outside.  In February!

We did, however, make stops at Trader Joe's, the car wash (lol), and the animal shelter before going to *bux.  This cat Penelope was the sweetest!

As were these 2 dogs, Tank and Little Man.  And no we did not add a new member to our household.  

Once we got home, we got to spend some time with the kiddos, who were missed!, and we let them watch our wedding DVD for the first time.  It was sweet to do that together.  Show them the start of their Mommy and Daddy.  After kiddos went to bed, we enjoyed a bath and a Valentine's Hallmark movie (well, until I fell asleep during it lol).  

Even a day away helped us to feel renewed and refreshed personally, as a couple, and in our mommy/daddy roles.  We both needed that.  It's weird being without them and really quiet, and then it was tough to transition back to being with them.  lol.  Either way, we are so grateful for our anniversary time together and we were grateful to be back together as a family of 7.  :)

Lastly, I feel so in love all over again (like when we first met) with Mr. B.  It's amazing.  Thanking, praising God for our weekend!

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