Monday, February 20, 2017

I Love You Day Party! 3rd Annual?

We are starting to collect a pretty good amount of decor for our I Love You Day parties, but we did still go to Hobby Lobby so I could pick up a couple of things.  And bonus, it was after V Day, so everything was 66% off!  I got a bunch of dog making things, paper airplane makers, some more decorations, and some girly stuff like bows and bracelets for my little girls.  

We made Devil Dogs.  And ode to the hubby :)

This year, the kids got Chik-Fil-A (because that was their vote) and we got Chinese takeout.  

Let the party begin!

And the after pictures!  lol

And I just wanted to mention that Sean and I are rejoicing!  Since deployment, oohhhh about 11 years ago, I have built up a pretty good wall to protect myself from being hurt/left again.  I have tried to let go of it MANY times, but have not succeeded.  And by no means has our marriage been bad, but there has always been that wedge because I have been unable to give myself completely to my man.  Until now.  I am thanking God.  I don't know how it happened, but it did and we are both so excited.  And acting like newlyweds lol.  It's probably gross.  HA HA.  It was something from our anniversary last weekend.  I wanted to feel sorrow at first because it has taken so long, but we are too happy rejoicing.  And I wanted to feel bad and ask why Sean stuck by me all these years being the steady man that he is, but I will just be thankful.  Thank you!

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