Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A and J Part 2. ETC.

Things in the Brewner household are beginning to resemble a new normal.  Sean has been back to work, Grammy and Granpop have left, and I am in charge! Ha!  Things are going pretty well, me plus 6.  I've been feeling great, praise the Lord, and am thankful for the quick recovery.  Jessica is also doing very well, an easy peasy baby thus far and practically sleeps thru the night.  She is pretty laid back and such a doll!  She is nursing well and has passed her birth weight.  

Addison is doing well - even tho she manages to hit her head daily on something (just like Hunter used to!) and she is B-U-S-Y!  In. To. Everything.  Thank the Lord for a healthy little girl.  Keep repeatn' that!

Hailey has been a real love and a big mama's helper.  She loves loving on her new baby sister!

Andrew has been Andrew.  No news with him I don't think.

Hunter and Ryan have finished their last day of school today and on to summer break we go!!!!! Ryan finished 2nd grade and Hunter kindergarten!  We have a light summer schedule that we will begin on Monday, as well as I will try to start Jessica's schedule.  We'll see how she likes that!  As for now, we are off to Atlanta tomorrow for the Teach Them Diligently home school conference and are really looking forward to that!  Hoping we can fit everything and everybody into the Expedition!

Everyone seems to be better from the yucky cold that Ry, Hunter, Andrew, Hailey, and Addie had!  Thank you God.  Now Sean, Ryan, Hunter, and I have poison ivy.  Fun.  

And finally, last weekend marked our first big adventure out as a family of 8 up to Gatlinburg to take Ryan to Ripley's Mirror Maze and of course stop in to Starbucks for Frappy Hour.  It was a great, COLD and rainy, but great day.  

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