Friday, May 26, 2017

Hunter Hunter

We've had a bit of excitement this week.  We were about to leave for church on Sunday morning when Hunter said that something hurt down near THAT area and also on his upper arm.  So we checked it out.  Looked a little odd.  Called Dr Brewner AKA Granpop and advised to do a warm soak and keep an eye on it.  Stayed home from church that AM and debated going to pediatrician's Sunday clinic.  Decided to chat with a fellow nurse at the doc's office and she thought they were mosquito bites.  I wasn't so sure nor was Sean, but decided to just take him in on Monday AM since some of the other children had apps there any way that day.

So Monday AM we go to MD and doc thinks it is folliculitis and starts him on abc because the places are starting to look infected.  Told to do warm compresses and pop anything that comes up.

Tuesday he wakes up with a temp of 102.6 and is in a lot of pain and can barely walk.  Continued the meds and compresses.  Tuesday night Sean and I decide we need to call the MD again in the AM and get him back in b/c it looks worse.

Wednesday take him to MD.  Told it is probably MRSA and that he needs to go to Children's ER.  WAH!!!  Sob.  Sob.  Boo hoo.  Sean takes him to the ER and he is given multiple pain meds and they  cut the one in the "area" and drain it and pack it.  The one on the arm they drained.  Sent him home with instructions to continue compresses, abx, Motrin, bandage changes three times a day, Neosporin, and lots of hand washing for everyone.  Sean said he was super brave and that it was really painful.

He gets home Wed night and vomits a lot because of the pain meds, but while not vomiting he's building the new lego Star Wars set he got for being so brave lol.

Yesterday was quite busy with my patient and a fussy newborn who is never fussy and 4 other kids, 3 of which have minor colds. And 2 exhausted parents.  But with the Lord's sweet help, we made it through the day!  Trying to find out what we are to learn from God through this trial.

So today.  Back to MD because we wanted it checked before long holiday weekend and because the arm seemed hard still, but nothing could be expressed.  MD confirmed MRSA from lab result.  The arm is fine.  Thinks it is stiff tissue.  Other area looks good and packing was removed.  To continue on with all other treatment as above.

He's doing well, poor lil man!  He has been on the couch since Wed night.  I know he is ready to play again.

Oh and the sweetest heartbreaking thing.  Andrew asked if we could touch Hunter and I said we should probably keep our distance for now and he started to cry and said "that means I can't hug Hunter".  So.  Sad.

We've had lots of texts and phone calls and we appreciate it.  Our friends brought him a balloon and a puzzle which made his day.  Ty ty ty!!!

The Lord is good.  His ways are higher than ours.  His mercy is everlasting.  

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