Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Last Thursday to Saturday we went ATL for the Teach Them Diligently Home School Conference.  It was amazing!  We left 2 hours late on Thursday due to all sorts of mishaps, but made it eventually, however, we did not get to attend any sessions that day.  Friday, Ryan got to do his robotics class, which he thoroughly enjoyed, and Saturday Sean got to attend a men's breakfast where Dr Greg Smalley spoke.  We also got to hear another message from him, as well as a handful of other sessions with various speakers.  We had prayed to only allow us to hear the things we really needed to hear and let me tell you that is exactly what happened.  I left there feeling pretty broken, but in a good way because it was all from things I really needed to hear from the Lord to allow me to make the necessary changes to get rid of these struggles in my life.  I am excited about that.  

Some time at the park before attending the conference on Saturday.  We also went to Cheesecake Factory for a Mother's Day lunch after the park.  3 words.  Godiva.  Chocolate.  Cheesecake.  

My Mother's Day gift!  A popcorn maker!  Such a unique I would've never guessed I would own one of these in a million years, but oh how I love movie theater popcorn kind of gift.  

Ryan at the robotics course.

A stop for lunch in Chattanooga also entailed rock climbing at Outdoor Chattanooga! Not planned, but a great moment.  The kids were entertained for free and got some energy out!

If you struggle with anger, do a study on John 15.  The only way to resolve your struggles is through salvation, through God, through living by the Holy spirit.  You cannot wake up every morning promising not to be angry anymore, that you will be better, you will smile, etc.  It will not work.  You cannot do it in your own power.  Otherwise, you would not need God. 

You cannot deposit good works into a blessings bank account.  Just because you home school or don't cuss or watch bad movies or attend church 4 times a week or read your Bible everyday or the million other things that are good works does not mean God will bless you because of it and that trials will not still come your way.  They will still happen.  It's not about what we do, it's all about Jesus.  His grace.  His mercy.  Of course, He wants us to follow His principles and be obedient to Him and to do good things and there are rewards for that, but it will not make us immune to hardships and trials and sadness.  The place we need to focus is on JESUS.  

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