Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas gifts and Christmas tree farm

U think Ryan likes his new exersaucer? One of his Christmas gifts from me and Daddy.  We got him 2 Veggie Tales DVDs,  a glo-worm, a leap pad dog and a musical piano board thingie. We got a great deal on this exersaucer, regularly $120, paid $40.  Cosignment stores are the best!

Petting Zoo at the Christmas tree farm

Berries at the farm

Trying to find our tree to chop down ourselves (hence the saw)

Decided to get a pre-cut tree instead because they smelled better! (this one is ours) :)

Baby's first Christmas tree!  It was definitely worth the hour and a half drive there.  AND they had boiled peanuts!  Yum!


~ Noelle said...

Exersaucer = TOO MUCH FUN!
Broxton loves his!

Hettie Brewner said...

Ryan was in his for an hour this morning! He never does that! He was so happy!

Becca said...

Kenzie had one that she could jump in and LOVED it until she got up and crawling and mobile...then she didn't like being confined anymore, LOL. Looks like fun!!!

Hettie Brewner said...

This one is cool because it starts out as a play mat on the floor and then turns into the exersaucer and then when he doesn't like that anymore, it turns into a table with all the activities still on it. So it is ages 0-24 months. :)