Sunday, December 20, 2009

Our first family trip update!

Grammy, Grandpa, Sean, Ryan, Sisters Courtney and Hillary, Hil's B-friend Ryan and Brother Kyle...and me.....went to the zoo last night.  It was a lot of fun.  It is a night thing they have going on where they have a bunch of Christmas lights and you can see most of the animals.  It was SUPER the 20s, but once we started walking around....and purchased hot cocoa, I didn't even remember I was cold.  Ryan was not happy at first....not used to being bundled and probably cold, but then he enjoyed himself.  The giraffes were awesome and so friendly.  You could pet and feed them.  They tried to eat Hil's cell phone and they would give kisses and their big black tongues would slober all over us.  It was fun!  I tried to take a bunch of pics, but really none of them came out.  I will post the few that did when we get back to FL.  And I'm hoping Hillary got some good ones, too.  Any way, we just had so much fun.  The zoo is up in the mountains.  It was really cool.  There was a lot of snow up there, too.  The only bad part.......I ran into my foe.....the SNAKE!!!!  I was not a strong girl.  Almost started to cry and got freaked out.  I told Sean I am full of too much personality, between my drama with the snakes and not having the best of luck with my MIL's dinners, well, yikes!  She is an swesome cook, but the first night we had bone in chicken and I don't do meat with bones so Sean had to hand pick all the chicken off the bone for me.  EMBARRASSING IN FRONT OF THE IN-LAWS!  And then last night, lamb kabobs were served and I've never had lamb.  I treid it, but did not like it.  Not sure if I didn't like the taste or I just couldn't get over the fact that it was LAMB!  Any way, it is all 8 of us at the table and Sean is all "how's the lamb" and I couldn't even speak b/c I didn't want to be like "I don't like it" in front of his fam.  More embarrassment.  And where I was seated, the sun was right in my eyes and so I couldn't see anything..........not the food, not the people, nothing.  I mean I know Sean and I have been married almost 5 years, but I don't see his parents very often so I still try to make a good impression....FAIL!  Last, but not least, Sean's Dad took us to his clinic yesterday and Sean got 4 moles removed and I got to watch.  Nurse in training....OTJ!  Today, is me and Sean's wedding anniversary (our first marraige).  We don't really celebrate this one.  We celebrate the Feb 12th one.  But I guess technically we have been married exactly 5 years today!!!!!! And today is our Christmas day here.  It's pretty neat.  We get 3 Christmases this year.  Here today, one at our house and one at my Grandparent's house.  My in-laws and in-law sibs are only celebrating today as Christmas because we are all here together and won't be on the real xmas day.  Sooooooo  Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!  We are having an awesome time here.  Ryan is sleeping a bit more, probably because of the 2 hour time change and the altitude, I think we are over 7,000 feet compared to our 3 feet above sea level back in Clearwater, ha!  We just have to stay more hydrated, Ryan is DEFINITELY wanting to nurse more, like every 2 hours, compared to his usual 3-4 hours.  And I am more tired, as well.  It's funny, I get winded just going up the stairs because of the altitiude.  But we are adjusting and Ryan is getting used to his new surroundings and his different crib right now.  Hopefully when we get home, the transition will be easy.  Yesterday, me and the hubby got alone time.  We went to the mall and left the baby with the grandparents and uncle and aunts.  It was nice, but I missed the little man.  He is really never away from me, so I thought he would cry lots, but kinda to my disappointment, he didn't even notice we were gone!  :(  It was probably worse for me than him!  OK, need a coffee refill, gotta rummage through my stocking and get me and baby ready for church. 

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