Friday, December 4, 2009

Me? My Blog? An Award!?

[Nenos_Award_icon_Emily_Marvelous_Recipes_10__14_09.jpg]I got an award! from Noelle over at Jumping Beans!  Thanks so much Noe!  You are such a sweetheart and made my day with your kinds words.  Check out her blog.  She always has cool giveaways and reviews and she always has something funny to say about life's little quirks.  AND she has a beautiful son and a hero for a hubby.  What a woman.

Well, I love to blog to keep family and friends updated on Ryan and Sean.......and me.  I used to blog a lot more, but got tired of blogging about myself all the time, so I have tried to make my blog less about me and more about my family and friends and the Lord. 

Thanks again, Noelle.  Love ya!

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