Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 7

5 things I could not possibly live without:  Let's see:
1.  Jesus Christ
2.  The great outdoors!  I love being outside, however, it has been hard to be outside when it is 95 degrees (year round!)
3.  Starbucks - my guilty pleasure (my son's guilty pleasure, too, it seems! EEKS!)
4.  My Cal King bed - soooo comfy!  I could sleep for days in our bed.  :)  I just need to find some real comfy cozy sheets.......or maybe not!
5.  My dreams - dreams are what keep me inspired and keep me excited for life's adventures!  I dream BIG, too:  Having as many kids as God would bless us with, home school our children, my master's in nursing, to travel the world, our secret move (ssshhhh!), to build our own house (debt free!), etc, etc......see I told you I dream BIG!

Note:  Of course my family and friends, but like Noe, I wanted to be a little more creative :)


~ Noelle said...

Great list...
I think I cheated with internet...
but that opens so many doors! ha ha
I am SO GLAD you are doing this

Hettie Brewner said...

Thanks!!!!! I'm glad you are doing it, too! :)