Sunday, December 19, 2010

Afternoon trip

We took a trip up to the continental divide this afternoon.  It is near my mom and stepdad's house in Bisbee, AZ.  The road up was BUMPY - so bumpy I was wondering if baby #2 was going to make an early appearance! It was worth it though, because once we got to the top, the views were totally worth it.  The walk to the view was also a bit treacherous, being 7 months pregnant, but I held onto my hubby's hand.  There were lots of edges (of course) so not a real good place for the little man.  On the way back down, I had to use the restroom really bad so again the bumps were not so friendly to me!  Baby #2 must have liked all the jolts on this ride because he/she was kicking up a storm!

Grandma AKA Goo-Gaa

Ry, Daddy, Grandpa Mike


~ Noelle said...

great pics!
you can tell it was worth it...
you are the spitting image of your mom! wow, i never knew that

Hettie Brewner said...

Yes, people mistake us for sisters all the time. I actually look like my dad a lot, too. I'm pretty sure I came from them! lol P.S. it was worth it. :)