Friday, February 11, 2011

It finally happened!

So, this post is a little stinky, but I just felt inclined to share!  I have heard stories from friends of this happening with their little ones, so I was sort of anticipating it happeneing, but also praying that maybe it wouldn't.  Well, it's happened! 

Last Friday, Ryan pooed in the bathtub.  Thank goodness me and Sean were both home because it took the two of us to take care of the icky problem.  Ryan thought it was pretty funny and was trying to pick it up out of the tub all the while saying "poo-poo" with excitement! 

Then yesterday.  I was at clinicals, but Sean got to experience it.  Ryan was going on a week without a BM so we had been giving him Little Tummies, apple juice, extra fiber, holding his iron, etc.  We could even palpate te BM in his tummy.  Well, finally I had to do some stimulation down there with a thermometer.  That did the trick!  He went 3 times yesterday!  On the 3rd one, he was down for a nap  in his crib (but not sleeping).  Sean went to check on him and he found poo EVERYWHERE!  Ryan had taken off his pants, diaper, and everything in his diaper went everywhere.  In his crib, on the floor, on his clothes, under his fingernails....... So, Sean had to disinfect the whole nursery. 

Anyone else had a similar experience?


~ Noelle said...

thank goodness i never had to deal with that...
so glad sean was there to help, although sounds like he got a fair share solo as well!

Hettie Brewner said...

Is Broxton potty trained now?