Sunday, April 10, 2011

Baby shower

Our church threw us a baby shower today and they really did way too much!  We were so surprised and grateful for all the food and decorations and oh my gosh we got tons of nice gifts for Hunter and Ryan and even some for me and Sean.  We were a little overwhelmed at all that was done for us!  Thank you everyone!

We had a huge scare during the shower unfortunately.  Ryan disappeared.  Scariest few minutes.  Barbi walks over to us and asks if we knew Ryan was playing outside and we said no, thought he was inside with us.  Shame on us for not paying more attention.  Any way, Sean goes outside and sees no Ryan.  What a sinking horrible feeling.  So we start screaming his name and feel so scared because he could be anywhere, but we see him nowhere.  Well, Sean and Barbi go towards a little playground and there is Ryan, thank God!  He was all by himself.  It was really frightening.  I had horrible visions of him being snatched up or run over or never seeing him again.  Really bad. 

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