Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Birthday My Beautiful Son

Ryan with my Grandpa who passed away in December

Ryan Nicholas is 2 years old today!!!!!  It's kinda funny that the Royal Wedding is on our son's birthday.   The shuttle launch was supposed to be today, too, but it was canceled.  I can't believe he is 2 now!  The time has gone so fast.  Looking at these pictures, now I am crying.  The time is going to quickly for me.  It's like I LOVE all these moments and watching him grow, but I want them to slow down some.....or can I just go back to when he was a newborn and give him some really good cuddles, if just for a moment?  He was so little in these pictures and now he is a big boy!  I am guilty of not enjoying every single precious moment.......oh how I wish I could never get impatient with him or angry at him, to just love on him every moment.  To not get caught up in doing busy work around the house  and failing to pay attention to him when he is calling out "mommy". Having to leave him to go to school (not much longer, only 2 shifts left!!!!).  He has been such a blessing to me and Sean.   He has brought our home so much joy and laughter (and messiness, too!).  I think I also got a little emo becuse of seeing my grandpa.  I miss him.  Ryan's party is tomorrow so I will post pics.    MOMMY AND DADDY LOVE YOU RYAN!


~ Noelle said...

Happy Birthday Big Boy!!!

Hettie Brewner said...

Thanks!!!!! xoxo