Wednesday, April 20, 2011


So, my sis in law got me Lily Padz and I just started using them (they prevent leakage for breast feeding moms) and they are super!  They really do work!  And they are reusable, which is so nice and saves a bunch of money.  The only thing is they can get kind of dirty fast so you really need to purchase Lily wash, which is like $9, but it is worth it because it really cleans them and it makes them last longer.  :)

And the other thing Sean and I just started using is  A friend from school recommended it.  You can view TV shows for FREE!  It's better than Hulu.  Right now we are catching up on Army Wives.  One of my faves!  After we get caught up on A.W. then we are going to get caught up on Smallville and Lost, which they have all of those episodes, too.  Any way, it's great.  :) 

Have a blessed day!

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