Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Sean surprised me on Sunday with a new stethoscope.  The one I had wasn't that great and he got me a Littman.  He also got it engraved with Hettie Brewner, RN on it!  That made me (and him) cry after I opened it.  Crazy to see my name with the initials "RN" after it!!!!!!  I still can't bellieve it.  This has been my dream since I was little.  I even started nursing school back in 2001, but just couldn't get past the first semester because I was too preoccupied with being 21.  Seriously, I just can't believe I have accomplished this!  Any way, Sean also surprised me with a that has military time and is more heavy duty than my nice silver Bulova watch that I was wearing.  Yesterday was my first 12 hour shift with my preceptor and it went well.  I really like her and the 12 hours went pretty fast, as fast as 12 hours can go.  I just know I am going to love my job.  It was hard being away from my boys, but it's always hard being away from all three of them.  :)  On another note, I DID NOT pass my EOP test on Monday.  :'(  I was off by 0.7th of a percent.  Stinks!  I was very upset afterwards and left crying.  That means I have to retake it (all 180 questions) in a couple of weeks  I guess I should study a little bit. 


~ Noelle said...

love it!
what a great hubby you have!
As for the test.. study and kick butt next time!
very proud of you

Hettie Brewner said...

Thanks Noe! Love you!