Thursday, August 25, 2011

Brewner family update

SO, I thought I would just blab a little bit about things going on in our household.  J  I don’t do this often, but feel so inclined to today. 

RYAN!!!!!!  Has started going in the potty!!!!!!!!!  It just started 2 days ago.  We weren’t even trying to potty train.  We have a potty training book that we read to him and we talk about going to the potty with him, but that is as far as we have taken it.  Well, for a month or so every once in a while he will start talking about “potty training”, but that was it.  Then he started asking to go, but once you would take him in there, he wouldn’t even let you pull down his pants.  A few days ago, he did and he let me set him up on the toilet.  Note:  We are not using a little potty.  He is using the same potty we use.  We didn’t want the extra cleanup and we didn’t want him curious about picking it up, and we didn’t want to have to break him of it to then go to the big one.  Thought it would save a step!  So I would set him up there and he would be super excited, but wouldn’t do anything.  I would tell him how proud I was for him trying and that he was a big boy and that we could just try again later.  Then last night while Sean was getting him ready for a bath, he asked to go to the potty and he PEED!!!!!  We praised him, clapped, gave him words of encouragement and an M&M.  Oh, the day previous, too, he had asked, but he wasn’t getting that he needed to ask BEFORE he went in his diaper.  I talked to him about needing to tell us before he actually went.  This morning, he went again after he woke up and then one more time before we left for Bible study.  Now, he is still wearing diapers and still going in them and he is still definitely going pee in his diaper through the night, but hey it’s a start!!!!  He has been a lot more uncomfortable about sitting in dirty and wet diapers lately, which has caused other problems because he will stick his hands down there, moves his diaper around, which means things get misplaced and pee ends up on clothes and bedding.  I had to change the sheets like 10 times in seven days!!!!!  Also, he will stick his hands down there after going #2.  No need to explain that further!!!!!  But I think we are moving in the right direction!  He didn’t want to go in our downstairs potty, I guess because his first 2 times he was in the upstairs bathroom, but no way I am gonna trek upstairs every time he has to go to the bathroom.  I bribed him with a cookie and he used the one downstairs!  Lol  

Our new schedule that I posted is going really well.  I have seen such an improvement in him. He has barely had to go to timeout or get any spankings, way less tantrums and just overall the house is merrier!!!  I think the schedule keeps him occupied and he feels like he is getting more attention and he is not left to his own devices! 

Hunter is doing great!  We are trying to work through our nights right now.  He used to sleep through the night as a newborn and up to a month or so of age.  Now, however, he gets up sometimes around midnight, ALWAYS right at 2, then usually at 4, 5, and/or 6.  He eats, sometimes get a diaper change, and we both fall back asleep while he is nursing, but I have to admit I have been frustrated (and tired).  He went backwards!  They are supposed to wake lots and then sleep through the night.  GOD does have perfect timing though.  When he was first born, I really needed my sleep to get through the end of nursing school; now that I am a SAHM I can take a nap, which  I have been trying to do the last couple of days.  I have been praying for a better attitude when he wakes me up through the night and so I just need a little help in that area.

Sean is back in school taking 3 classes and will graduate with an AA this December.  We are VERY proud of him!!!!  He is also working 25 hours a week in the VA office at school.  He doesn’t like being gone more now, but he is enjoying his new schedule.  He really likes the people he works with and I think he is going to like his classes, too. 

I am doing really well.  I love being at home with the boys.  I have filled out applications for RN jobs, but nothing has panned out.  I know that I am where GOD wants me to be though.  My #1 job that he has given me has been to take care of our sons, so I am just grateful that I am able to do that.  We will see where He leads me in the future with jobs.  I tried to get into the BSN program at school to get my Bachelors in Nursing, but they were already filled up for fall.  I did get accepted for spring, which starts in January.  It would be all online so it wouldn’t take me being away from home.  New neighbors just moved in a month or so ago and they have a 2-year-old.  Her hubby is in the Coast Guard so they are stationed here.  We have become friends and it is so nice because we usually get together during the day and let the boys play.  It’s really nice to have a friend to talk to.  J  She is going to school twice a week in the afternoons so we have been blessed to be able to help her out and watch her son.  Him and Ryan love to rough house (I don’t particularly love it, but I guess it’s preparing me for when Hunter gets a little older!!!).  I just don’t want her to come pick him up and me have to tell her that Ryan gave her son a bloody nose or something!!!!  BTW, I found Ryan straddling Hunter the other day (twice!!!), but they were both laughing!!!!  lol  I am VERY excited in my walk with LORD right now.  I feel so much growth, healing, and excitement!!!!!!  Finally, I need to start using my camera more.  I have been intimidated by it.  I just need to start familiarizing myself with it.  Also, my other camera was always in my diaper bag so I had access to it.  This one is too big and too expensive to tote around in the diaper bag so I end up leaving it at home all the time.  Then I miss out on great photo ops. I am going work on this though b/c I really do LOVE it and am so grateful for my Father getting it for me. 

Well, this was long!!!!!  Hope the people who read this are doing well and God bless you!!!!


~ Noelle said...

so happy for yall!!!!!
as for the potty training... you know pull ups have the ones that cool when they potty... to help them learn when they need to go...
we did those...
good luck

Hettie Brewner said...

WOW, no, didn't know that!!!!! Thanks for the tip! :)