Monday, August 8, 2011

Park in Clearwater

Ira Ibis

I had Ryan on the leash and he was moving, which would cause me to move while taking the pictures, but I actually liked the effect.  :)


Ryan added the blurry effect again, but again I liked the result.

My favorite picture (besides of course my fam pics)  :)

Our first Sabbath didn't really go as planned.  It was pretty much a non Sabbath lol.  I had a hair cut and color appointment and Sean had some chores to get done at the house.  Afterwards we didn't get moving for a while and the plan was to go to Family Christian and then to the botanical gardens in Largo.  We made it to FC, but didn't get to get everything we wanted (communion was too expensive so not in the budgt for this month).  After that it was a quick stop by Starbucks and by that tme it was after 6.  Park closed at 7 and we still hadn't eaten dinner (although Frapps are pretty filling!).  So, we improvised and went to a closer park that we had never been to.  First we missed the turn and ended up on the one way bridge!!!!  The enemy was trying everything possible to have us not enjoy our Sabbath, but we still did and I learned a bit more about my camera and got to take some pictures.  :)  Oh and while I was gone getting my hair done, Mr. Hunter held a bottle all by himself and fed himself for the very first time!!!!!!!

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