Monday, August 1, 2011


Yesterday I decided to do a family schedule for us.  We were pretty much going by this any way, but I did tweak it a bit and it's always nice to have it posted so everyone knows what is going on.  Of course Hunter isn't quite on this schedule.  :)  The second form is my chore list and the 3rd list is our daily what's going on thing like apointments and such.  I thought I could put this up in case any Mommy out there was maybe wondering what to do about scheduling or things of that nature.  It seems to work pretty well for our household and I like to share tips on things that work.  Us Mommies can ALWAYS use good tips!  :) 

Brewner Family Schedule


  • 0700 Get self and children ready including personal Bible time and working out
  • 0845 Mommy and Daddy breakfast, talk about the day, and Bible study (ALL family present)
  • 0930 Chores
  • 1030 Free time (activities with the children, run errands, etc.) 


  • 1200 Lunch and Bible time  
  • 1300 Naps for little ones (ages 6 and under) and catch up/free time for Mommy and Daddy
  • 1600 Wake up from naps/snack time and then activities with the children/free time/make dinner/any unfinished business


  • 1800 Dinner and Bible study (ALL family present)
  • 1900 Clean up, walk, get ready for the next day
  • 2000 Bath and story time and prayers (ALL family present for prayer)
  • 2030 Bed time for children
  • 2030 Prepare for the next day, tie up any loose ends, shower/bath, relaxation time for Mommy and Daddy
  • 2300 Bed/prayer time for Mommy and Daddy


·         Monday:  Mommy and Daddy have a date (rotate weekly who plans the date activity).

·         Thursday:  Mommy has women’s Bible study from 1000-1130.

·         Friday:  Rotate weekly between couples night (1900) and Capogna’s (1800). 

·         Saturday:  OUR SABBATH DAY!!!!!!!  (Free time, family day, no distractions, no cleaning, no computers, and take communion- Lord’s Supper).

·         Sunday:  Church 1030-1300

J Remember:  This is our GOAL…….our “WANNA-BE” schedule!  J

Mom’s Chore List

·         Monday:  Baseboards, fans, doors and knobs, light switches, vacuum

·         Tuesday:  Toilets, sinks, tubs, shower

·         Wednesday:  Windex and washing misc.

·         Thursday:  Counters and cabinets

·         Friday:  Dust

·        Saturday:  Sabbath!!!!!!!

·         Sunday:  Sweep and mop floors

REMEMBER BLANKET TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!      (GOAL:  3x’s a day)

Family Prayer Requests:

Urgent to do-today list:




Do this week list:




Do Sometime List:




Brewner Bytes (Things to be aware of this month):

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