Friday, May 18, 2012

Dunedin Spray Park

Hunter was a little unsure and hung out on the sidelines for most of our outing.

He did decide, however, that venturing over to the little sprayers on the perimeter of the park were OK.  He would go over, play for 5 seconds, and then come back to us...repeat, repeat, repeat :)

Here he was very brave!  At breakfast I had commented that the spray park should be relatively quiet because school is still in and it's a Friday morning.  WRONG!  As we were pulling up (and it was pretty empty) a make that TWO.....yellow school buses pulled up and let about 60 children off to go play.  I'm talking big kids, too!  It was definitely a little too packed and intimidated our children some, but they still enjoyed themselves. 

Ry wanted to go on the slide so badly, but it was always occupied with a line of children.  Sean took him once (and got soaked- not donning a swimsuit!), but then after that he befriended a girl (the one right behind him) that took him on the slide a bunch of times and became his buddy in the spray park.  At times he would lose her and he would come running over asking, "Where's a Lydia?"