Monday, May 14, 2012

Hunter's First Haircut!

Now, Sean is the hairdresser in this household....he cuts his hair and Ryan's hair.  Not mine.  lol  He does a really good job and saves us a lot of money, but I convinced him that for Hunter's first haircut that we could take him to International Mall to go to the special children's haircutting place since we did the same with Ryan for his first haircut.  They are not cheap....$25.00!!!!  BUT, I wanted to make it special.  Well, Hunter didn't think any of it was special!  In fact, he didn't like it a bit, as you can see from the captured moments! Good thing he only had a few hairs in the back that even needed to be trimmed.  lol  He has his Mama's hair.  Thin and fine  Any way, it's done and it's not hanging over his ears anymore and he does look quite handsome.  :)   


~ Noelle said...

he looks very handsome :)
but yes, he doesn't look too happy

Hettie Brewner said...

nope he wasnt!